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Today we focused on:

We focused on the differences between ‘have been doing’ and ‘have done’. We also practiced the passive voice.

Next Class Focus

Let’s practice what we have learned in a role play conversation.
In the next class we ask and answer questions using ‘have/has’, ‘have/has been + verb 4’, ‘have/has + verb 3’ and the passive voice ‘have/has been + verb 3’.


Have + been + verb 4 (means that the action started in the past and is continuing into the present OR finished in the recent past.)
I have been reading a great book (I’m not finished reading the book)
I have just been swimming (I finished swimming very recently)

Have + verb 3 (means that an action finished in the recent past)
I have read a great book (before)
I have just read a great book (very recently)


I have = I’ve
I’ve been watching TV

virus (countable noun)
I have a virus
There are many viruses in the world

under control (adverbial clause)
The situation has been brought under control
The pandemic is under control

drink / drank / drunk
I usually drink tea in the morning
I drank some wine last night
I have drunk a lot of wine this evening


corona – kəˈrəʊnə

rule – ruːl

taste – teɪst

test – tɛst

flavor – fleɪvə

alligator – alɪɡeɪtə

graduate – ˈɡradʒʊeɪt

Practice the pronunciation of ‘an’ with this sentence
I gave an apple to an alligator who was playing an acoustic guitar


Have you living in Shanghai?
Have you been living in Shanghai?

Have you been to Beijing in this half year?
Have you been to Beijing in the first half of this year?

I haven’t been to Beijing because of the coronavirus.

Have you lived in Shanghai?

Have you seen the movie?

Did you have lunch?yes, I did.

Do you have a daughter?

I have a lot of clothes.


My daughter went out to celebrate go back to school
My daughter went out to celebrate going back to school