Online Class Notes (Joe) (s)

Today we focused on:

We focused more on making comparisons through the use of gerunds (e.g. watching a movie is more interesting than reading a book)

Next Class Focus

Focus on the pronunciation of different words that rhyme with ‘air’, ‘ear’ and ‘eye’ in order to practice different vowel sounds.


Make 3 sentences about eyes. Make 3 sentences about ears. Practice the pronunciation of your sentences


My father is retiring (this means he is leaving his job now/soon)
My father has/is retired (this means he retired before)

My husband and I go out and have afternoon tea
My husband and I went out had afternoon tea

Get a bunch of flowers is better than get a red envelope
Getting a bunch of flowers is better than getting a red envelope

You can getting a bunch of flowers
You can get a bunch of flowers

We will stay in home
We will stay at home
We will stay in our home

We have a dinner
We had dinner


envelope (noun) – ˈɛnvələʊp

envelop (verb) – ɪnˈvɛləp

gave – ɡeɪv

wine – wʌɪn


bunch – many things
I have a bunch of friends
I got a bunch of flowers for mother’s day

made – past tense of ‘make’
I made some food