Online Class Notes (Joe)


workaholic – someone who always works and doesn’t want to stop

from head to toe – over the whole body
I don’t like wearing red from head to toe

loyal (adj)
I’m not so loyal to the brand

characteristics – 特征
What characteristics does she have?
She is friendly and hardworking. Those are 2 of her characteristics.

perfectionist (noun) – 完美 主义 者
I’m a perfectionist

superficial (adj) – She likes handsome boys. She is not interested in clever boys. For her, superficial things are more important.

loyalty (noun)
I have loyalty to Kellogs


I’m not so loyalty to the brands

I loyal to Kellogs
I am loyal to Kellogs

I like to research how is the brand
I like to research how the brand is

I want to know more about different kinds of brands
I want to know more about the different characteristics of brands

Too many brands loyalty is more and more difficult to the brand today
It’s more and more difficult for brands to get loyalty from their customers today

I like to wear scarlet color nail polish
I like to wear scarlet nail polish