Online Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We talked about cooking methods and ingredients.


Make an audio recording wherein you talk about a recipe for a traditional Chinese dish. Try to use some of the words we learned today.


spice(s) – noun – dry material used to flavor food
Cinnamon and ginger are the most flavorful spices in my opinion.

spicy – adj – food with a hot taste
I like spicy hotpot, but I don’t like spicy chicken

stir-fry – verb – cook with oil in a pan or wok
stir-fry / stir-fried / stir-fried
I stir-fry the vegetables and rice together
I stir-fried some rice yesterday
I have stir-fried the vegetables already

stir-fried – adj – something cooked with oil in a pan or wok
Stir-fried rice is delicious.

parsley – 欧芹

nutmeg – 肉豆蔻

ground cinnamon – cinnamon powder
Add the ground nutmeg and ground cinnamon to the vinegar, but don’t add the parsley until later.


cinnamon – /sɪnəmən/

stir-fry – /stɜːfraɪ/

peak – /piːk/
pig – /pɪg/
heat – /hiːt/
hit – /hɪt/


I almost eat toast every morning
I eat toast almost every morning

put some oils in the wok
put some oil in the wok