Online Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We talked about the differences between using ‘I am + verb 4’ , ‘I have + verb 3’ and ‘I have been + verb 4’. These are called the present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous, but the names are not important.

Next Class Focus

We should talk about the difference between ‘ski’ and ‘go skiing’. Knowing this difference will enable you to ask questions about a wide variety of topics. Below, you will see a similar example.


Write a short conversation between two people. Use the words ‘have you… been + verb 4’. Make sure you use ‘recently’ or ‘ever’


“I swam!” ✔️ = “at a time in the past, you completed this action” 🏊

“I went swimming!” ✔️ = “at a time in the past, you travelled to a place to complete this action and do all the other smaller actions that are a part of it’. 🚙🕰👙🌞🏊

Speaking exercise

She opened her phone
She turned on her phone

I’m learning for my driver’s license these couple of months
I’ve been learning for my the driver’s license these past couple of months


dead (adj) (special) – a machine is out of power
My phone is dead

died (v) (special) – a machine ran out of power
My phone died when I was talking to my boss