Online Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We differentiated between views and scenery. We also talked about different kinds of dance and different dance moves.


Practice these sentences to help you with pronunciation.
The rumba dancer has a roomba at home.
The ballet dancer has a small belly.
The Latin dancer is a foreigner.


Roomba – ruːmbə

Rumba – ˈrʌmbə

Ballet – baleɪ

Belly – ˈbɛli

Latin – ˈlatɪn

Foreigner – fɒrɪnə


View and Scenery – The scenery is what the viewer is viewing. The scenery can include the plants, buildings, sky and so forth. The view is the picture that this scenery gives a viewer from.
The view from my window is beautiful.
The flowers are my favorite part of the scenery.

shadowing (verb) – follow someone’s movements
I shadowed my teacher to learn the rumba.

tempo (noun) – the speed of a dance/song
I prefer dancing to a quick tempo.

unison (noun) [used with ‘in’] – do the same action at the same time
The basketball players all jumped in unison

spin (verb) – turn around quickly
The rumba dancer spins his partner while holding her hand.


The couple are dancing
The couple is dancing

The mist are my favorite part of the scenery
The mist is my favorite part of the scenery

She hasn’t shadowing me yet
She hasn’t shadowed me yet