Online Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We talked about news and practiced conversation skills. We discussed the importance of not overloading a sentence with information.


infamous – well known because it’s bad
Recently there was an infamous news story about a man called Jeffrey Epstein.

hot (adj) – well known because it’s good / neutral

record (verb) – to use a camera to make a video
He recorded his son’s birthday with his phone

set a record (phrase) – to be the best/fastest at something or do the most of something in a limited time
John set the record as the fastest man in the world by running the race in under 8 seconds.

Yao min set a record in baseball to get the score more than 50
Yao min set a record of more than 50 in baseball


I just want to make sure we are all on the same page about the things I discussed with you yesterday about the vendor didn’t submit the sample on time and they are not very happy about it. And I just want to explain the vendor didn’t do it on purpose. However, the holiday is coming and the factory is kind of understaffed. It just dragged down the whole timeline. I would like to explain to you so you understand the whole situation. 

A: I just want to make sure we are on the same page about what happened yesterday.

B: You mean about the vendor?

A: Yeah. I know you’re not happy, but it’s really unusual for them to deliver the sample late.

B: I understand, but it still caused a lot of trouble for us. What happened exactly?

A: They had some trouble because they’re understaffed. 

B: I hope it doesn’t happen again. 

A: They’ve reassured us that the problem will be solved after the holidays are over. 

B: OK. Then we’re all on the same page. Thanks for taking the time to explain it.

They do apology for that
The do apologize for that

They submit the sample late (it means they usually or always do this)
The submitted the sample late (it means it happened in the past)