Online Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We talked about pollution and expanded vocabulary to talk about heating and air conditioning.


Write 3 sentences using the word ‘recently’ and write 3 sentences using the words ‘these days’.


It’s very serious recently
It has been very serious recently
It’s very serious these days

It comes from the north China
It comes from northern China
It comes from the north of China

I open my air conditioner
I turn on my air conditioner

Do you use air conditioner?
Do you use your air conditioner?


the warming equipment
heating  (noun)
The government provides heating to the north of China

air conditioning (noun) [uncountable]
I have air conditioning

air conditioner (noun) [countable]
I have an air conditioner

South Africa – the name of the country
I come from South Africa
South Africa is in the south of Africa

coastal (adj) – close to the beach
I live in a coastal city

sleep (adj)
I set a sleep time of 5 minutes for the air conditioner

unspoiled (adj) – not touched by development or pollution
The unspoiled beaches of Thailand are wonderful to visit


conditioner – kənˈdiSH(ə)nər

unspoiled – ənˈspoild