Online Class Notes (Jesse) [W]


No mistakes. 

My best friends are Daniel and Thomas . Daniel is too fat and tall. He is taller than Thomas. Thomas is older than Daniel. .Daniel likes playing football.and Thomas likes reading.


Playing is fun / I like playing / I like to play
School is fun / I like school

Jesse why do you say “playing“, not “to play”.

I have a thing. It is white and it is small.

where are you?
I am at home
where is the airplane?
the airplane is in the sky

who are you?
I am Clark

I am tall
I am angry

Where is Mr Bean?
Mr Bean is on the street


computer – dian nao

What does ___ mean? – zhe ge dan ci shi shenme yi si?
How do you say ____ in English? – zhe ge dan ci zenme shuo?
What do you mean? – ni shuo le shenme yi si

thing – dong xi
something – yi ge dong xi / yi xie dong xi

I want something else – wo yao bie de dong xi

the lion hits my phone

real (zhen de) < > fake (jia de)

toy store
eg. the plane is in the toy store

buy – mai
Mr Bean wants to buy the plane.