Online Class Notes (Jesse) [W]


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

Next Class Focus

used to do / am used to doing


quarantine – 隔离
eg. If you go to HK from China you must be quarantined for 14 years

get used to / I am used to it – xi guan
eg. I am used to living in China / I got used to Chinese food

virus – bing du
eg. the Wuhan virus is very serious

take it seriously – to think sth is important and treat it as important
eg. Tina is learning a lot because she takes English learning seriously

workers / staff – yuan gong
colleague / coworker – tong shi

they are from the north / they are from north China so they are afraid of getting cold

a few years ago / before / in the past / I used to work there

yao qiu
rule / requirement
eg. my girlfriend’s standards are really high
eg2. the government has many requirements for the wuhan virus

ex-bf / gf / husband / wife – “my ex”

my father makes the outside / skin of the dumpling and I put it together 

complex / complicated (fu za) < > simple (jian dan)
eg. The wuhan virus problem is very complex

bored / boring 
tired / tiring 
I am bored because this play is boring.
I am tired because work is tiring.


So as we know,a lot of people have a special Chinese new year because the flu from wuhan.we cancel the plan that we booked something for this holidays .every one is wearing masks if you be outside .i feel a little boring these days because we have to stay at home. The government ask for everyone stay at home that to avoid the flu.

So as we know, a lot of people had / have had a special Chinese new year because of the flu from wuhan / because a flu came from wuhan. We canceled the plans that we booked something for this holidays . Everyone is wearing masks if they want to be / go outside / you should wear a mask if you want to go out. I feel / am a little bored these days because we have to stay at home. The government ask (for) everyone to stay at home that / which is to avoid the flu.


she divorced from ex-husband and then she got married again

what’s the time? It is 5PM
what’s the weather like? It is sunny / it is raining

i with them in the eveningI had dinner with my father in law and mother in law in the evening / Chinese new year’s eve 

because / because of 
because + sentence
because of + noun / phrase