Online Class Notes (Jesse) [W]


Write about your wedding in the future? What kind of wedding do you want to have? What are you excited about or nervous about?


Dear Mr./Ms,

Firstly let me introduce myself, I am …. / My name is ZHOU XIAOYAN, and my passport number is EB6227908.
I’m writing to you today as I’d like to make / I’m interested in making / I’m looking to make an appointment (for an interview) regarding / in regards to my visa application on January 6th, 2020

Please let me know if / whether the time is convenient for you / this time is suitable. If not, what time you would suggest / if not, please suggest an alternate time that may be suitable for you.

Thanks and best regards. / Thank you very much.


I like book store in Tokyo.There are a lot of magazines and interesting books.I found a book that teaches you how to build a house that cats will like.

I like book stores in Tokyo / I like Tokyo book stores where / because there are a lot of magazines and interesting books. Once, I found a book that teaches you how to build a house that cats would / might like.


I am used to Tokyo – xi guan

would = will + if
could = can + if

talk about with himtalk with him / have a chat with him / go over sth with sb / go through sth with sb 


in person / face to face
eg. It’s so cool to see your design in person rather than just a picture

up her picture upload her picture / post her picture

pre (before) < > post (after)

it doesn’t look like her < > It looks like her
It sounds like you haven’t slept much recently / you look like you’re not very happy today 

traditional – chuan tong de

daijobu? – is it OK? / are you OK? / is there a problem? 

daijobu – no problem / it’s fine / it’s OK / it doesn’t matter 

wedding party – ceremony

our wedding will be next year / we will have the wedding next year

to be held / to take place