Online Class Notes (Jesse) [W]




Converse中国 Weibo account posted 3 incubate product posts including MBB and BATMAN x CTM, 1 FCW product promotion post. We successfully released KOJ main film this week.
Converse中国 Weibo official account gained 466 fans, 5,855,400 impressions and 1,462 engagements.
Converse中国 WeChat official account gained 2,038 fans, 91,024 impressions and 2,386 engagements.
We added 12 traffic links to C.Com in FCW, MBB & BATMAN product related posts, which gained 36,587 traffic and 92,218 revenue. The traffic mainly came from MBB and BATMAN posts, FCW promotion post didn’t get any revenue.
Take away: Many fans pointed out about the translation that “高谭” should be “哥谭” in both Weibo and WeChat posts. We would suggest that our social content translation can be closer to young generation trends.


ConverseBasketball Weibo account retweeted the KOJ HO19 social video from Converse中国, which gained 1,810,000 impressions and 110 engagements.

Converse中国 Content highlight: We released KOJ HO19 main film this week.

Top performance post and reason (line 5) : Converse x MBB collection post performed the best due to the celebrity’s impact and its stylish design.
Lowest performance post and reason (line 7) : Followers might have become bored of the same product content.


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