Online Class Notes (Jesse) [S]

Next Class Focus

correct speaking


hieroglyphics – the ancient language of the Egyptians / drawings on pyramid walls

compile – put together (technical things)
eg. the scientists compile many photos of the pyramids to help them understand the writings

she loves to sleep in – sleep for longer in the morning
eg. I love to sleep in until 11AM

getting ready to go out – having a shower, brushing your teeth, having breakfast

they can’t get a tripthey can’t travel

debris – “debree” – junk that comes from things that have been destroyed
eg. there is so much debris in space

the domino effect – when 1 thing hits another thing and more and more things get affected


so much cars – so many cars 


correct next class

one is a robot and the robot can scan the things in space is debris and if it is debris it will use it’s net to get it back to earth. The other one is connecting itself with the debris and it flies very fast back to earth. I think the magnet and the lasers both got disadvantages because you can’t scan them so they will push anything back to earth and destroy them. Some of the junk are too big and then when it is pushed down to earth because maybe it’s not very fast so it won’t burn up quickly and then it would be like a dead star falling down to earth. it’s so important for us to fix this problem because if we’re getting more and more debris into the space then we can’t use the internet, we won’t know what the weather will be like tomorrow, we can’t use GPS and if a rocket is sent at that time, the people in the rocket will die.