Online Class Notes (Jesse) [R]

Needs more review

Bob is a business assistant. He works for an advertising company. Today he is very busy. His boss, Mary, is out of town. He needs to handle all the calls and all the emails for her. He needs to make sure everything at the office runs well while she is not here. Bob’s phone has been ringing all day. Clients want to schedule meetings, and other people at the company are trying to contact his boss. It is a very busy day at the office.


what did you get up to today = what did you do today?

what time is it set? – what is the time of the story
when is it set?

politician – someone in the government

concubine – someone whose job it is to make babies for rich people


rinse – to use water to make sth cleaner (but not washing)


everytime when after cooking i would put the knifeevery time after cooking / every time after I finish cooking

I try to more clear about it – I try to be more clear about it