Online Class Notes (Jesse) [R]


For pronunciation – connect words smoothly – sent voice messages on wechat

Richard is a light eater. He doesn’t eat much. He isn’t a heavy eater. He eats a light breakfast, a light lunch, and a light dinner. Richard is not fat. He is thin. He will / he’ll always be thin, because (coz) he is a light eater. He eats a bowl of cereal for breakfast. He eats a bowl of cereal with milk. He eats a sandwich for lunch. Sometimes it’s a fish sandwich. He likes fish. He eats rice and vegetables for dinner. All he eats for dinner is rice and vegetables. He will never get fat.


pose – position in yoga

just a moment – hold on a moment – wait

skeptical – hard to believe the truth / other people

careless – not careful

regret – hou hui
eg. they are regretting it now

strict – lots of rules etc
eg. the Chinese government is really strict on people coming from Italy


they don’t do nothing they don’t do anything


vegetable – veg table 

a cup of tea = a cuppa / a cuppa tea 

sarnie – saaaandwich