Online Class Notes (Jesse) [R]


practice connecting word pronunciation reading like we did in class today.

Do some writing homework using some of the vocabulary from today. Make longer sentences with conjunctions.

Today we focused on:

conversation, then connection pronunciation by reading simple articles.


we had a sport meeting it’s finish at half past 2 PM – we had a sport meeting which finished at half past 2 PM 

to be responsible for / take responsibility for


student union / student council
eg. I’m part of the student council

stop – buses / metro
station – metro / train / plane / bus (start and end)
eg. I live 5 stops from JingAn Temple

bachelor(s) degree
masters degree
eg. I need a bachelors if I want to teach kids


ceremony – “ser reh moe nee”


practiced connection pronunciation to make smooth reading. 

Everyone at the office is getting ready for the holiday. It is Friday, and everyone will be off for the whole week, next week. Judy’s assistant, Michael, is helping her make the final arrangements for a presentation she needs to make the day she gets back from the holiday. She needs to have everything ready, so she can relax and enjoy her holiday next week. Everyone else at the office is also making some final arrangements for their own projects, so they are all busy. But it is okay. They will have the whole week to rest next week!

Bob is a business assistant. He works for an advertising company. Today he is very busy. His boss, Mary, is out of town. He needs to handle all the calls and all the emails for her. He needs to make sure everything at the office runs well while she is not here. Bob’s phone has been ringing all day. Clients want to schedule meetings, and other people at the company are trying to contact his boss. It is a very busy day at the office.