Online Class Notes (Jesse) [R]

Next Class Focus

Have a conversation about simple topics (can get some if you need to – and get Patrick to focus on connecting words in a natural and non-robotic way. We are working on making his pronunciation smooth by collecting words together (eg. Correct is: I went…. to the park…. and then…. I went home. Rather than: I….. went…… to the…. park….. and…… then I….. went home)


nervous – excited / scared

stressed – too much pressure

use these to change topics
sorry I just wanted to say 
sorry by the way… 

his living city the city that he lives in 

I got a new job = I changed my position
It’s my job to help students = responsibility

I’m at work = office / place
I’m working = verb
My boss gave me lots of work = something you do at work

maternity leave – a new mother can take leave for a few months
paternity leave – a new father


sometimes if not performance well sometimes if the performance isn’t very good


Bob is a business assistant. He works for an advertising company. Today he is very busy. His boss, Mary, is out of town. He needs to handle all the calls and all the emails for her. He needs to make sure everything at the office runs well while she is not here. Bob’s phone has been ringing all day. Clients want to schedule meetings, and other people at the company are trying to contact his boss. It is a very busy day at the office.

some sentences Patrick said that we practiced reading again to make smoother

sometimes we would spend half a day to read books, also, sometimes, we would spend half a day or a whole day to play sports

since we live in different cities and have different jobs we only liaise with each other when we have some problems. Also when we have some good news we would share with each other. we would like to send a message or give a call.