Online Class Notes (Jesse) LAST CLASS!


there was an event to memorize some peoplecommemorate some people

remember / commemorate / memorize
remember = to think of sth from the past / sth you learned or experienced
commemorate = celebrate someone / sth from the past
memorize = to read sth / listen to sth over and over to try to keep it in your memory

cinnemon – rou gui

red teablack tea

waiting around – just waiting and doing whatever
eg. I was just waiting around for Sandy to finish talking on the phone

you got to be – you should be – you need to be

slang – li yu
eg. this book has a lot of slang

the next thing you know – suddenly sth happens

stick / stuck / stuck


he looks forward it – is looks forward to it

we don’t have many times to meet each other we haven’t met each other much / we haven’t spent much time together