Online Class Notes (Jesse)


too strong / so strong

selfish – zi si

he’s too strict – high standards / lots of rules
eg. i don’t like guys that are too strict with me / controlling

kind of
eg. I am kind of cold
kind of 
eg. I am a kind of animal
eg. I am very kind

flexible – not just one way, can change
eg. I’m flexible, we can go to the park or go home… I don’t mind

closed minded < > open minded 

went the wrong way / got lost
eg. we went the wrong way so we missed the train

argue / fight – chao jia
eg. me and Judy had a fight

express – biao da
eg. I don’t know how to express myself well in English

partner = business partner / boyfriend / husband…

universal studios = like disney land

gay (homosexual) < > hetero (heterosexual)

bi (bisexual) = you like both female & male