Online Class Notes (Jesse)


(novel) corona virus – Covid-19

quarantine – ge li
eg. I will be quarantined for 2 weeks because of the virus

vaccine / vaccinate / vaccination – medicine you take to stop yourself from getting sick
eg. my daughter was vaccinated when she was 2 years old

researching – to try to figure sth out that doesn’t exist
studying – to learn sth that already exists

contagious (adj) – a sickness you can give to others
eg. the covid-19 is very contagious even if you display no symptoms

allergic / allergy – guo min
eg. I am allergic to dust / I have a dust allergy

dust – chen


they serve for those companiesthey serve those companies / they service those companies 


we are just serving ... – we are jusserving
we just told her – we jusstold her