Online Class Notes (Jesse) [W]


I just finished it / just before, I finished it – gang gang

carrot – hu luo bo

fish bone – yu ci

time management – controlling your own time

these timesthese days 

go to bed late – sleep late at night
sleep in – stay in bed in the morning for a long time (shui lan jiao)
eg. she always sleeps in (until 11 AM) on the weekend

in a week < > a week ago
eg. she will come back in a week (after 1 week)
eg2. she went back to her hometown a week ago (1 week before now)

do the laundry / wash clothes

she is mature for her age

learn / study
study – action
eg. I am in my room studying
learn – result
eg. if the teacher is good, the student will learn a lot
study + learn – xue
eg. I study English / I learn English

Valentine’s day – 14th February

not very often / we don’t do it very often 

complicated / complex (adj) / complication (n)

pressure – ya li
press = to push
eg. I feel so much pressure = I feel like everything is on top of me pressing down.


my daughter don’t like eat fish – my daughter doesn’t like to eat fish / doesn’t like eating fish


I have to do a lot of chores because there is a coronavirus from wuhan so my ayi didn’t / hasn’t come back.

The time for English class is set for me.

These poor people have been given of permanent money by the government

I am used to Japanese food because it isn’t too greasy.

I used to live in the north / in North China so I am afraid of cold weather.

Now, everyone is afraid of the virus from wuhan.

We are afraid for my brother because his family has been living in wuhan.

We makes a decision which is that everyone must be share the chores. / we make a decision that is everyone must share the chores

There is a corona virus patient in my brother’s neighborhood, so I am worrying about him.


virus – veye rus