Online Class Notes (Jesse)


when I click on a video which is about English

click away from the page / click off 

close the page – press the x to make the page go away
eg. I close the page after I’ve finished viewing it

popup (v / n)
eg. a window popped up and asked me ….
eg2. there was a popup which said ….

RMB dollar RMB/ yuan 

intellectual property – videos / music / ideas / concepts

vlogger – “blogger” that makes videos

twisted – crazy / dark / scary
tongue twister – hard to say because it makes your mouth move in strange ways

compromise – person A wants white, person B wants red, so they agree on pink
give in – person A wants white, so person B accepts it unwillingly

sue – to take sb to court to try to get money
eg. I will sue you!


hours for hoursfor hours and hours / hours upon hours