Online Class Notes (Jesse)

paragraph – part of a page of a book
chapter – 4-5 pages of a book

scientist – “sai yen tist”

souvenir – things you bring back from your trip

excited – looking forward to 

twice a day – 2 times every day

drama / play

if you ask me what excites me I will say when I play a chess game and I checkmate the king, i will be very happy and i think i will take the first place, and when I’m on the plane to the travel place I will be very excited because when I on the plane I will think oh maybe there will be goodies there like we can see some candy in the store, and maybe there will be a show about animals like a beluga whale, and maybe we can take some souvenirs back to China. So I really look forward to these things / I am really excited by these things.