Online Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

ask about email writing / see if Patrick was able to send an email or piece of writing


hotel – eh like “egg

to arrive in – in is not important


every peopleevery person / everyone


it was a little rushed – to go fast because of a tight schedule

choose anything if you like choose whatever you like

in addition – also / plus / as well as this

in relation to – about

such event – this kind of event

his or her – they

cruise – a trip you can take on a boat around an area to enjoy the trip and the scenery

apart from / except for
rather than / instead of / as opposed to 

Diploma or Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree – 2 years
Degree / Bachelors – 3-4 years
Post Graduate / Masters – 4-6 years
Doctorate / PhD – 6+ years