Online Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

worked on a PPT for a meeting later today


turn up the volume

recently – always in the past
eg. recently I have been busy

these days – past, now, future
eg. these days I am really busy

2 to 5:30pm

The prices are 138, 258, and 388 RMB for 6 pieces, 12 pieces and 18 pieces respectively 
The prices for 6, 12, and 18 piece mix & match sets are 138, 258, and 388 respectively.

a higher price for the higher floor

noteworthy – sb not worth talking about

over the page / on the next page / over to page 3 

ummm – try to use it less, just be silent 

chi pao – qi pao

OK if there are no questions on this slide, we’ll move on to the next slide. 


set – “egg

mix n match – make sure it’s 3 sounds

peninsula – pen NIN syou la