Online Class Notes (Jesse)


take a high fever – have a high fever

sent him to the hospitaltake him to the hospital 

take a resthave a day off / are absent

contagious – when a sickness is able to be transferred to other people
eg. Joey is really contagious at the moment so he should stay at home

pamper – treat sb really well and make them really comfortable etc
eg. when Joey is sick I pamper him to make him feel like a king

hold handput your hand up to ask a question

damp – the feeling of wet but not really wet
moist – if you touch it some water comes off
humid – hot and wet

open the boilerturn on the boiler

bare feet / bare foot – no shoes / socks etc
eg. he likes to run around bare foot / he prefers his bare feet to wearing shoes

graduate from primary school finish primary school 

registered residence – hu kou


stay at classroom – stay in the classroom

depends the pricedepends on the price