Online Class Notes (Jesse)


renovation / renovate – zhuang xiu
eg. there are renovations going on downstairs
eg2. the people downstairs are renovating

the brand of the company

represent (v) – ambassador (n)
eg. we should wear the clothes from the brand of the company so we can represent the brand to clients and others

social status – level / type of status within society

do you care about how it affects your daughter?

innocent – pure / simple

they’re very adult / they’re very mature 

they care about how high their score is / they care about their score 

balcony / veranda / patio – yang tai

move house – ban jia
move your house – to pick your house up and move it

landlord – fang dong

furnished (has furniture) < > unfurnished (no furniture)

impulse buy  / to buy sth on impulse – to buy it without thinking it through

flashy – bling bling
eg. the jacket is too flashy for every day use

it’s not suitable for daily use / wearing every day  


she doesn’t know how study is importantshe doesn’t know how important studying is 

more rich / richer 


exhibition – ecks sib bishen