Online Class Notes (Jesse)


relaxablerelaxing / relaxed 
eg. I’m relaxed because this weekend was so relaxing but a little boring

bacteria – xi jun
disinfect – verb for making bacteria die
eg. the people in the photography studio disinfected the baby clothing to kill the bacteria

meaningful – lots of meaning / important
eg. photos are very meaningful for us

quarrel / fight / argue
quarrel / fight / argument 

resent / resentment 


he was born 100 days ago 

an item / piece of clothing / clothes


photography – fo TOG ra fee
photograph – FO toe graf
photographer – fo TOG ra fer

economy – ee KON nom mee
economics – e kon NOM micks
economist – ee KON nom mist

son – “sun” not “saiiinn”

clothes – cloethzzz

they will put the clothes in the machine to make it clean for the baby to wear – connect all together!