Online Class Notes (Jesse)


although it’s very cold but you canalthough it’s very cold, you can 

once in 2 weeks – once every 2 weeks

it tastes very well it tastes good / it has a good taste 

pay attention on that – pay attention to that 

don’t need to put so much things in your purse – don’t need to put too many things in your purse / too much stuff 


shanghai turns to winter – shanghai is becoming winter / winter is coming 

bbq / meat skewers / street food 

share your time with your friends – be more social / socialise more / spend more time with friends 

gutter oil – di gou you

game of thrones – quan li de you xi

they don’t settle down – get married / have 1 relationship and maybe have kids

defacto marriage – the automatic status of marriage some countries give people after they live together for 2 years

deliberately = purposely

body types – thin, fat, big, small etc.
eg. the video has lots of different types of people and body types

it’s not necessary / essential – no needed


law – “lor”