Online Class Notes (Jesse)


wind-up toy

wind – waiiinnndd – one thing goes around another

the road is very windy / it winds around

condition (specific / status) / situation (general)

any + plural because any = 0, 1, or more than 1

kpop bandskpop groups 

“give our culture an identity in the creative space”

do you have any openings at this moment? / I was wondering if there are any / I’m really keen to know if there are any …

would you be able to give me some idea of any specific skillset that a person working in youtube might need? / Is there a specific skillset that…? / could you shed some light on the skillset of …

what would the career path look like for someone in this department / entering this department / working their way up in this department?

on the fence – undecided
eg. I’m on the fence about whether to move house or not

“people either love me or hate me”

“a lot of people let their consideration of others hold them back

“don’t worry about what other people think of you – be confident within yourself”

i’m at a crossroads in my career


more than 3 times for 1 class more than 3 times a class / in 1 class