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Listening: 3.75
Speaking: 2.75
Pronunciation: 2.5
Writing: 3

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Listening: 4.25
Speaking: 3.0
Pronunciation: 2.75
Writing: 3.25

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Homework type + (Focus): Voice recording (Vocabulary from class) 


dermatologist – a skin doctor
dermatology – the study of the skin
dermatitis – a skin condition

derm = skin
ology = study
ologist = a person who studies it / professional

Pneumon ultra micro scopic silico volcano coniosis – silicon based dust disease of the lungs (silicosis)
new mon ultra my crow skop pick sili koe vol cay no con ee oh sis

silicon implant – girls get them to make things bigger

traditional (beliefs / original / old way)
classic (style / art / fashion)

religious – people who talk to / believe in god

buddhist – fo jiao

excess / excessive (too much)
eg. The US is known for doing things to the excess

how much time have you got?

tricycle – a bike with 3 wheels

mono / uni = 1
bi = 2
tri = 3
quad = 4
pent = 5


most of peoplemost people 

i replied himI reply to him / I answered him 

it’s very hurtit hurts / it’s painful 


bilingual – “bai ling gwul