Online Class Notes (Jesse)


election – choose a leader / vote
eg. many kids voted for Joey in the election

national day holiday – guo qing jie

give up his seat
eg. Joey gives up his seat to the younger kids

apartment complex / community / compound – xiao qu

“left right and center” – many things, many different, all at once, all over the place
eg. some students make mistakes left right and center

to have “the talk” / to talk about the birds and the bees – to explain sex + having babies to kids
eg. I had the talk with Joey last year

girly – like a girl
– like a boy
– like a man
womanly / ladylike
– like a woman


they are similar like a girl – they are similar to a girl / they are like a girl

the way they saying – the way they talk / speak 

not very confidence enough – confident (adj)

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