Online Class Notes (Jesse)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Choose a topic that lets you use the words we learned.


close it and open it again – turn it off and on again 

speak – to use your mouth to communicate
speak out – protest / to talk about sth that you want changed / to be heard by others
eg. I want to speak out against the mistreatment of women

apple ecosystem
eg. I am very much in the apple ecosystem because every product I own is Apple

versatile – able to do many things well
flexible – able to change easily
eg. cutting edge robots will be versatile

very – really / super / incredibly / particularly … 

not good enough – not up to my standards / not up to scratch 

na ge – you know

carbs – tan shui

thin crust < > thick crust pizza

it’s very oil – it’s very oily 

on true road – on an actual road / real road

too many creative people here = bad
so many creative people here = good

i’ve never had a situation where we had a fight and then there were hard feelings – our relationship became worse

sour = to become bad / be ruined
eg. the milk has soured = off / bad
eg2. our relationship has soured = has become bad


wait me a second – wait for me a second 

last year i want to buy ipad 3 – last year I wanted 

it connects automatically (adv)

i’m searching it – I’m searching for it = you want to find it



priority – “pr eye or ri tee”

flaw – “floor”

cigarettes – “sig gar rets” are bad