Online Class Notes (Jesse)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Choose a topic that lets you use the words we learned.


flouride – the chemical in toothpaste to protect your teeth

there’s no hard feelings – we don’t blame each other / we’re not angry at each other

he’s letting himself go – to stop caring about yourself / appearance etc

quarantined / in isolation – ge li
eg. they are in quarantine for 7 days

cutting edge drugs = new + most advanced medicine

debate – a conversation where you discuss both sides of sth, giving your opinions
eg. Joe and Donald debated many topics

Joe Biden 

interrupt – to talk / stop someone from talking
eg. Trump continuously interrupted Joe

tax return – 纳税申报单
eg. Trump didn’t release his tax returns to the public

eg. the amount rised by 100%
eg. he raised the number by 100%

base / supporters
eg. his base really like when he talks about “america first”

in my early timewhen i was younger / in my early 20s 

immature – childish
eg. people think it’s really immature

vanity / vain – the idea of caring too much about looks / achievements etc

available = able to be chosen / it’s present and therefore you can use it / get it / buy it

in advance – before sth happens
eg. you need to book the table 1 week in advance

book – to choose a time / place
order – to buy / ask for sth to be given to you


I hadn’t seen it – at a past time, sth already happened
I haven’t seen it – already now it has happened
I didn’t see it – at a specific past time

with himselfby himself 

he’s a gayhe’s gay