Online Class Notes (Jesse)


eg. I go to starbucks to grind the beans

coffee ground (n)
eg. i put the coffee ground into the filter and pour water over the top

froth / foam – nai pao
eg. i want more foam, and less milk

steam – hot air to cook sth

attachments – things you can add or remove to sth
eg. my cooking thing from Japan has many different attachments
eg2. my vacuum cleaner has many attachments

i was born in the year of the chicken

keynote / pages – 2 Apple apps

they will talk to me that ” …. “they will tell me that … 

addicted / addiction
eg. i was addicted to cigarettes.. i think addiction is really dangerous


on their opinion in their opinion

the industry is which i’m familiar withthe industry is one which I’m familiar with

which i have experience of it – … which i have experience in

there has visual merchandisingthere is a visual merchandising department