Online Class Notes (Jesse)

Final level:

L: 3.75
S: 3.25
P: 3.25
W: 3.25


Focus: vocabulary from tv shows, reading, from past notes – use them in writing, and read the old corrected writing + speakings you’ve done


order – to buy some product / food and they send it / give it to you
book – to choose a time / place to use sth

4WD – 4 wheel drive 

soy sauce – jiang you
chopsticks – kuai zi
vinegar – cu

ingredient – things you cook with (spices, herbs, other food)
material – things you use to make sth (wood, cloth, glass…)

lump – slightly raised part of your skin’s surface
bump – any slightly raised part of the surface (anything)

book club – a group that gets together to discuss books

excuse – jie kou


because of / due to + noun
because / due to the fact that + sentence

arrive some placearrive at some place 

i go to bought I went to buy 

this book is my boss choose – this book was chosen by my boss