Online Class Notes (Jesse)


insomnia – a problem that stops us from sleeping properly
eg. Sandy has insomnia so she can’t sleep well

gear – dang
eg. I need to change gears manually

not too hot – not particularly 

because of = due to
because = since / as 

prefer – rather / i would choose this over this 

in the west and north of China – in northwest China / in the northwest

take a holiday / take a break / take the metro / take a walk / take a nap / take a shower

dentist – ya yi
eg. I went to the dentist

penalised / punished – to make some negative thing happen to you because you did the wrong thing
eg. you will be penalised if you go throuhg a red light

fined / fine – to pay money as a penalty
eg. I will fine you if you are late to class / you need to pay a fine / you will be fined if you’re late

I will go back to chengdu first – I plan to return to chengdu 


we will drive our car to there – we will travel by car / we plan to drive there / we will take the car 

i prefer to sunny days – I prefer sunny days