Online Class Notes (Jesse)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Choose a topic that lets you use the words we learned.

Think of a topic that lets u use as many of the words from today as u can


although we did that, but I didn’t want to

when I was in early 20when I was in my early 20s 

the teachers divided to different levels the teachers are divided into different levels 

i will always looking for it I’m always looking for it / I always look for it 


we don’t see eye to eye / we’re not on the same page – not the same opinions

he has no attitude – he has no plan / no passion 

pace / tempo / rhythm 

apathy – whatever / don’t care / don’t have strong feelings
eg. He is a bit apathetic

he’s always overlate – he always works overtime 

homework – from a teacher
housework – cleaning your home

diabetes – tang niao bing – die a bee tea
eg. my cat had diabetes and died

surgery – shou shu

lala didn’t attend uslala wasn’t with us / we didn’t have lala