Online Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

Conversation focused on grammar. Practiced had done / had been doing.

Next Class Focus

correct this writing:

I wish can’t add weight whatever I eat how much food forever. I love eat if I not add weight when I eat much food, I can frequently to eat and don’t worry weight and don’t to exercise to keep weight.
The second one is I wish to learn new things very fast. I think skills is the basic one for society. If I have many skills I can to find many kinds of jobs. And when I rest I can do many things to rest. I can get more money in different ways.
At the last but not least, I wish have a beautiful face. More than a half people attention others face at first. If people are ugly some people don’t want to talk anything at first. When I have interesting soul I wish I both have beautiful face.


Scholarship application

Independent – du li de
eg. I want to be independent and I don’t want to rely on my mum


Reason – for + to
for + noun
to + verb

I prepare to CET 6 I prepare for CET 6

I buy a cake for you / I take a photo for you = help

for + how long
eg. I have class for 1 hour

How many friends do you have? I have many friends / I have so many friends / I don’t have many friends

How much money do you have? I have much money / I have a lot of money / I have so much money / I don’t have much money

I come back my universityI came back to my university

I need doing some work about … – I need to do some work

I will to study in PhD I will study a PhD

I’m not good for to do some … – I’m not good at doing sth

At now it’s a hobby now it’s a hobby / for now

I’m not have some abilityI don’t have the ability to do

I like < > I don’t like
I have money < > I don’t have any money

I had learned cooking for 1 year when I was 19 / I had been learning cooking… 

in 2020 I will have been learning cooking for years