Online Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Increasing numbers of students are choosing to study abroad.

To what extent does this trend benefit the students themselves and the countries involved?

What are the drawbacks?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.


in the first time the first time – di yi ci
at first
– when it first started

in summer it’s white. it’s light and fresh. – use “which

if i have enough money – should I / in the event that 

on the other hand – when you want to say sth negative


it doesn’t very goodit isn’t very good / it’s not very good 

it’s easy to dirtyit’s easy to get dirty

An old person
Describe an older person who you respect
Who it is
How you knew him / her
What kind of person he/she is
Why you respect them

in the last weekend in my house there was no water so i went to buy some water which was a very big one so i called an old man that i met in the last company that i worked at. after half an hour he came, and i gave him 30 yuan but when he looked up at my face, i found that there was some problem with his ears, so it’s very hard… i live on the 32nd floor, so there is an elevator, which is very convenient for him or the other old people but the last company i worked at / for is on the 6th floor and it had no elevator so the old people have to take the water from floor 1 to floor 6 by walking / on foot / they have to walk, carrying the water from the 1st to the 6th floor, so i think it’s very hard for them. i think he’s maybe 60 years old so in that moment i thought of my parents, I started to think a lot of things. It’s very hard for everyone / everyone works very hard especially for those people who have some health problems. so after that i called my husband and i told him that we should try our best to work hard or study more so that we will have a good life in the future.

we’re on level 9 / we’re on the 9th floor 

hie ears have some problemhe has some problem with his ears 

A good looking person
Describe someone who you think is beautiful or handsome
Who it is
What they look like
How you knew them
Why you think he/she is good looking

from most people i met in the past the most beautiful person i saw is one of my friends. we met in the school, almost 10 years ago. she is chinese and she lives in chongqing province, and she is so beautiful that when we in school there are a lot of boys that chase her / date her, so she is the most beautiful girl in our school but recently i found that she had divorced and she raised her daughter on her own but the reason for her divorce is very strange. because she is so beautiful there is also a lot of boys want to date her but in the end her husband in the end don’t trust her. so after 4 years the trust is broken, so they divorced.