Online Class Notes (Jesse)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

Today we focused on:

talked about the corona virus and time at home


stay at Beijing stay in Beijing

we should do it to keep our healthywe should do it to stay healthy 

keep to watch mekeep watching me 


stay at home – keep being at home / continue to stay at home

quarantine / isolation – ge li
eg. I’m in quarantine / I’m in isolation
eg2. I have been quarantined for 2 weeks / I have been isolated for 2 weeks

isolated – separate things physically
quarantine – separate because of disease / sickness

symptoms – the problems you feel because of an illness
eg. the symptoms of Corona Virus are cough, fever, and breathing problems

fever – fa shao
eg. I have a fever

COVID-19 = Corona Virus Disease 2019 

contagious – a sickness you can give to others
eg. The corona virus is very contagious but a headache is not contagious
eg2. yawns can be contagious

break out / spread – suddenly become a problem and spread
eg. the virus broke out in Wuhan originally and then spread to other places

in Chinese new year, in holidayduring Chinese new year / during the holiday / during class / during my sleep

comfort – make sb else feel comfortable
eg. we can comfort each other when we’re together
eg2. my cat comforts me

make cakes / do some baking 

ingredients – things you use for cooking (not tools)
eg. the ingredients for making a cake are sugar, flour, water, eggs, butter, chocolate pieces

– the way you’re thinking / mood (also used for science)
eg. When I am painting my mental state is very focused / my state of mind is very positive
status – the situation like started, finished, pending, unfinished, living, dead
eg. What’s the status of the student’s account? They have stopped.
condition – healthy, sick, new, used, old, damaged – quality
eg. What condition is the table in? It is new

scent – smell

mint – bo he
eg. you’re growing some mint

cocktail – ji wei jiu

coffee = ka fei
cafe = ka fei guan
eg. my sister wants to start a cafe in the future and she has already learned how to make coffee

spirits – whiskey, bai jiu, vodka (40-50% alcohol)
wine – grapes or rice (10% alcohol)
beer – 4-8%

rosemary – 迷迭香

douyin = tiktok
xiaohongshu = red book