Online Class Notes (Jesse)



influence / affect / impact
influence – softest – some feeling effect / helps you to base your ideas off it
affect – middle – directly changes sth / makes sth different
impact – affects you heavily – like sth hits you

effective – has a big effect

for this virus – in terms of / when it comes to / regarding / on the subject of
eg. when it comes to this virus I think China has done well

there’s 2 sides to every coin – everyone has their own opinion (2 sides)
you gotta take the good with the bad – there’s good and bad in every situation

isolated / insulated / quarantine
– the location / physical position
– separating (science / tech) to stop flow between 2 things
quarantine – separate because of illness / disease / virus

ski park / resort
– the mountains that we ski on
eg. I went to the ski slopes to do some skiing

we have the curiosity to do it (n)
we are curious enough to do it (adj)

you’re interested in doing it – you want to

they’re poisonous / venomous – they produce poison 
they have poison
– they have a bottle with poison inside
eg. this spider is the most venomous in the world

anti-venom – medicine that can stop venom from spreading

model / version 
eg. I have the latest model of iPhone


clothes – clothzz