Online Class Notes (Jesse)


recently – past to now (the grammar is always past)
eg. I have been doing / I have done lots of work

these days – past to now (the grammar is now)
eg. These days I am very busy / these days I have been very busy

in all around the world – all around the world 


herd mentality – people following groups of other people / people in a group always follow each other
eg. the reason for people panic buying is herd mentality

check – to look at sth, see the situation, see if there’s a problem
check on – just make sure everything is OK


where’s my food? – Sorry, I’m just still waiting for ____ / Sorry could you check on our food? 

it’s too salty – Sorry, I just wanted to let you know the food a little salty, so do you think I could / you could fix it for me? 

Sorry, could I get the bill / we’d like to pay

Do you accept / take credit card – Can I pay with alipay? / are you able to accept alipay?

Keep the change / Please add $5 as a tip

Is there WIFI here? / Do you have WIFI?

Is there a place to charge my phone? / Would you be able to help me charge my phone / charge my phone for me?