Online Class Notes (Jesse)


Answer 3 questions in a story.

Have you done it before (how many times)? When did you do it 最近? How often do you do it?

Write about eating pizza. 


turn on / turn off – lights, TV, phone, computer
open / close – doors, bag…

I do – no time / sometimes / always / often
I did – past time – SAY THE TIME – yesterday / last week / last year / 2 years ago / 5 minutes ago
I have done – now, I already finished – DON’T SAY THE TIME – 3 times / in my life / before / many times / never

I go 
eg. How often do you go to Japan? – I go to Japan not very often
I went
eg. when did you go to Japan? – I went to Japan in summer holidays
I have been 
eg. How many times have you been to Japan? – I have been to Japan 2 times