Online Class Notes (Jesse)


simultaneously – at the same time
eg. how many stuff are working simultaneously?

I have baby brain – i have a baby so my brain is not functioning very well

a new staff – a new staff member / a new member of the team 

he can be a not very good personthere’s a chance they’re not a very good person / maybe they are good, maybe not

sidetracked – to go off topic
eg. we got totally sidetracked

warning signs / red flags – problems that you see that can help you to know danger or a problem may come in the future.

the depth of the connection is not what motivates them about the interaction, but rather it’s the interaction itself that is what stimulates him.

reserved – to keep things to yourself / behind closed doors

hindsight – hou jian zhi ming
eg. In hindsight I should have opened 10 yi dian dian shops but … hindsight is a wonderful thing!

precarious – unpredictable / easy to lose / change

military = army, navy, air force, etc.


7 people 1 day 7 people a day 


microwave – mai crow wayvv

worked – werked
walked – wolk / warlked