Online Class Notes (Jesse)


prenatal doctor / check up / care 

womb – “woom” – the place your baby lives in your tummy

premature – baby born too early
eg. my baby is not premature

blood sugar / glucose levels 

everything is on track / on the right track

simultaneous interpreter – someone who translates at the same time as someone is speaking

firing line / front line – at the front, dealing with all the problems

fault / faulty
eg. i have many faults / this computer is faulty

GP – general practitioner (family doctor)
specialist – a doctor that does specific things like heart, etc

curious – sometimes means sth weird / interesting
eg. what a curious thing

picture-perfect = absolutely beautiful
eg. it was a picture-perfect view

arduous – very busy, difficult
eg. Walking up the mountain was a very arduous

precarious – risky, easy to lose, not stable
eg. this ladder is really precarious


it didn’t come up to my mindit’s not coming to me / I can’t think of anything

asked this question to my doctor I asked my doctor this question 

my doctor he recommend a natural birth


presbyterian – “pres beht teer ree yen”

nucleic acid –“nyou clay yick ass sid”

salmon – “saa men” 

experiment – “ecks BEH ri ment”

cuisine – special food (maybe local) – “qui zeen”