Online Class Notes (Jesse)


fry / stir fry
fry = just using some oil in a pan
stir fry = mix everything together in a wok (very common in China)

scrambled egg – chao dan

they are elderly / they are old 

strength / physical labor

obesity (n) / obese (adj)

eg. we hope to increase the longevity of our lives
eg2. putting things in the fridge increase their longevity

2/5 – 2 fifths 
2/10 – 2 tenths

projection – a prediction of the future (numbers / figures)

nursing home – a place to send old people

bed shortage – not enough beds

boarding school / military school

it’s the trend / tendancy 

concensus – to come to an agreement
eg. we reached a concensus about when to get married

eg. there isn’t much new vocabulary in this article

get your shots / get immunised against some virus


the population will be getting old / will be older / will get old 

the solution of this problem solution to this problem

i have been heard I have heard 


ape – ay
app – short a

statistics – stat TIS ticks 

pandemic – pan DEM mick