Online Class Notes (Jesse)


Write about an article!


crowded / busy
eg. the metro is really crowded these days

elevator / lift – up and down like an L
escalator – like a stair, like an S

brush my tooth brush my teeth

last daythe day before / yesterday 

optimistic (positive trend / attitude) / positive < > pessimistic (emotions / attitude) / negative 

epidemic – when a disease spread quickly throughout a country
pandemic – an epidemic that spreads all over the world

vaccine / vaccination
eg. doctors are developing a vaccine to prevent the corona virus

spread – to get wider / bigger / more of sth
eg. the virus is spreading

separate – 2 things become apart / not together

touch wood – sth you say to say to avoid bad luck coming


did lily back? is everyone back? has everyone come back? 

they reback to workthey are back at work

I am back to workI am back at home / I went back to work / I returned to work 

in the beforebefore
eg. I lived in Japan before / Before, I used to play guitar