Online Class Notes (Jesse)


freshly made food / fresh produce 

it didn’t close at all (even for one day)

they banned it / they banned shoppers from walking in

to make a loss
eg. I think many companies will make a loss during this time

spreading – to get bigger / more of sth
eg. the virus spreads from person to person

I like to try a variety of things

fatal – better used with natural things
lethal – weapons / attacking

in advance – to do sth before sth to prepare for it
eg. I called the student in advance to confirm the class

it’s up to you – it’s your responsibility / your decision
eg. it’s 100% up to you 

response = reply

i have a baby to take care of  – that’s my new responsibility

antibacterial spray
eg. my husband uses antibacterial spray around the workplace

they don’t know how to do it – the way to do sth
they don’t know what to do – the action

morals, ethics and manners – the way to act

hitchhiker / backpacker – sb who asks a stranger on the highway to pick them up
eg. hitchhiking is quite dangerous and picking up hitchhikers isn’t a good idea

imply – to say something indirectly / hinting
eg. I implied that she was fat by asking “how pregnant are you?” / “when are you due?”


we don’t always sick / we doesn’t easy to get flu we don’t always get sick / we aren’t always sick / it’s not easy for us to get the fly

last few days agoin the last few days / a few days ago

take response of it take responsibility for it