Online Class Notes (George)[S]


my name is Daisy i’ve been taking classes with smart english for 2 years, i like to take class english here because i can talk with teachers about everything , because i can correct

i like to take english classes here, i can talk/ express to teachers about any kind of topics.

sometime he has classes with me but his morning and it’s my evening.

sometimes we have classes in different time zones,

how long have you stay in Shanghai ?

how long have you been in Shanghai?

i have to been to many places

it’s always very sunny in spain, and i like their buildings, people there is very nice but you have watch over thieves , and their dinner is very late

it’s sunny in spain, i like their building / architecture, people are very nice / friendly , but you have be careful of thieves.  their dinner time is too late.

i feel like your energy is like a teenager.

i feel that you have an energy of a teenager.

i work a very long hours, i think one of the reason is because my own standard i need to make my own standard to finish work in a certain time or a time standard. other part my work load is too much.

one of the reasons why i work for a long time is i have my own standard of finishing my tasks in a timely fashion, the other part is my work load is too much. 

i believe there is a type of employees such as bouncing spring , you push him/ her as hard as you can and if he can take it , however if he can not take it he will push back very hard all at once.

i believe there are different types of employees, such as the bouncing spring employee, who can take the pressure as many times as you give them , but once you put too much pressure on them they will bounce back as hard as you put that pressure as immediate reaction.

in my previous job our manager was trying to convince the boss not to be tight on spending money, but the boss never listen.